• AMM 3D-Golf Swing Analysis

    Serious golfers seek to attain a higher level of skill, and now technology exists that can help improve their technique and physical performance. AMM 3D technology helps you reach your

    AMM 3D-Golf Swing Analysis
  • AMM 3D-Golf Certification

    AMM 3D-Golf Certified Motion Capture Specialist Level 1 AMM 3D Golf Motion Capture Certification is a two day seminar designed for the golf fitness, medical or teaching

    AMM 3D-Golf Certification
  • AMM 3D Electromagnetic Solution

    The AMM 3D-Golf Electromagnetic System is a real-time, six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) motion capture system that measures and analyzes

    AMM 3D Electromagnetic Solution
  • AMM Walkabout 6D Golf

    AMM Untethered! Affordable wireless six-degree-of-freedom Golf Swing Analysis and Biofeedback Training System with

    AMM Walkabout 6D Golf
  • Testimonials

    Hear and read what people are saying about our systems.   “If you don’t have a 3D system you need to get one as soon as you can. 3D is the only way to look at efficiency in the swing, and AMM is the technology leader. In fact, Dr. Phil Cheetham of AMM and I… [Continue Reading]

  • Products

    From Down Under, to the Olympics, and now to the world from our headquarters in Phoenix , Arizona, AMM provides three world-class, 3D motion capture and analysis solutions